BWP Solutions provide bespoke recruitment services to find the right candidates for your organisation on larger projects, giving you unique access to our specialist teams and the talented individuals in our candidate pool.

We specialise in larger recruitment drives, from several tens of employees to several thousands; you want high-end applicants, but an individual executive headhunting process would not be practical.

This is the ideal complement to our top-end executive search services, and provides a hassle-free way to recruit into high-end roles when you have several (or more) to fill.


BWP Solutions is able to take on searches on a scale that would not be practical or affordable with premium top-end executive searches.

This may mean you are charged a smaller percentage of the candidate's salary for our assistance in finding the right applicants for the roles you need to fill.

You gain access to our offshore recruitment network, so that your search is not limited in any way, but the candidates we refer to you are specifically suited to slightly lower-level roles on scale, rather than individually headhunted executive-level personnel.


The scale of BWP Solutions' work is the immediate strength; this allows for economical yet high-end recruitment searches to be carried out.

However, the service itself is still of a high standard, and in many cases may be the only way to find a sufficient number of highly skilled individuals.

BWP Solutions' unique candidate network is also well suited to finding candidates from the non-European professional sector, particularly including south-east Asia.


BWP Solutions is present in all GCC states and is growing, with access to a global candidate pool of high-end talented individuals.