Understanding your business requirements allows us to deliver a perfect blend of consultative solutions.

BWP is a privately owned, top-end, low volume specialist recruiter with an emphasis on the UK, Europe & Middle East markets.

At BWP we believe in working in close partnership with candidates and companies, building lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Our team of experts will always go above and beyond to meet your needs, provide high quality services and deliver the promises we set out in our charters.

Company charter

  • We believe in developing true partnerships with all of the organisations we work with
  • We are professional at all times
  • We constantly innovate to improve our services and our approach to staffing
  • We listen
  • We communicate regularly - good news and bad
  • We only accept assignments if we believe we can satisfy them
  • We interview all candidates before recommending them
  • We won't recommend any more than three candidates for any position
  • We maintain strong after sales support

Candidate charter

  • We value all candidates and treat everybody as an individual
  • We are professional at all times
  • We personally interview all candidates
  • We communicate good news and bad
  • We are straightforward and realistic in fulfilling expectations
  • We prepare our candidates thoroughly for interviews
  • We actively encourage candidates to refer colleagues