From Solar Engineering to Renewable Energy Recruitment: Aalim’s Adventure and Insights into the Ever-Evolving Industry


One year ago, Aalim made the decision to transition from the solar engineering industry, embarking on an inspiring journey into the world of renewable energy recruitment. Fresh off his MVP win for the month of September, join us as we delve into his passion for renewable energy, the challenges and rewards of his new role, and the significant impact he has made in connecting talented professionals with exciting opportunities in the thriving renewable energy sector.


Tell us about your passion for renewable energy and career experience in the solar engineering sector.

My passion for renewable energy started when I was at university. I knew I wanted to work in this sector, so I chose to major in chemical engineering with a focus on downstream applications. At the time, I aspired to work for a developer because I felt that was the best way to be part of this industry that makes a positive impact on our planet, not just for us but for generations to come.


What made you decide to leave the solar industry to begin your career in recruitment?

The decision to leave the solar industry and embark on a career in recruitment was driven by several factors. Firstly, the opportunity for faster career progression and the potential to have my income directly linked to my hard work were appealing incentives. Additionally, I desired to work in a high-performing sales environment that challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and surrounded me with like-minded, driven individuals who motivated me to reach new heights. Using my industry knowledge to help people secure their dream jobs was another gratifying aspect that drew me to recruitment. Moreover, even though I am not working directly for a renewable energy company, I find fulfillment in knowing that I am contributing to the sector’s growth by helping to find and place the right talent within it. I believe that by facilitating the growth of talented individuals within the sector, I am indirectly supporting the advancement of renewable energy as a whole. It’s rewarding to be part of a process that strengthens the industry and contributes to a sustainable future.


How does your experience in Solar PV development and engineering help you in your recruitment role?

My experience in Solar PV development and engineering plays a crucial role in my recruitment responsibilities. Being a technical person, I have first-hand knowledge of how the industry operates and the specific requirements for each role. This deep understanding allows me to source the right candidates effectively, negotiate with them in a way that aligns with their technical expertise, and streamline the overall recruitment process. I can accurately assess candidates’ skills and match them to the specific needs of companies in the renewable energy sector, ensuring that the best talent is placed in roles that truly suit their capabilities. This expertise has proven to be invaluable in making successful matches and contributing to the growth of the industry.


What are the biggest challenges you have faced since moving into recruitment?

The most significant challenge I have faced since transitioning into recruitment is managing all aspects of the process. In my previous role in solar, I was focused on one specific aspect of business development. However, in my current recruitment role, I am responsible for the entire 360-degree recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to conducting interviews and negotiating offers. Overcoming this shift from a specialised role to a more comprehensive one has been a significant challenge. It required me to adapt my skills, time management, and approach to handle all facets of recruitment effectively. However, with time and experience, I have been able to successfully navigate these challenges and grow in my current role.


What do you enjoy most in your current role with BWP?

In my current role with BWP, I enjoy the freedom to choose which roles I work on, enabling personal growth as a recruiter. Seeing my hard work directly reflect in my income is truly motivating. 

Additionally, I still feel connected to the industry I worked in, as I get to speak to professionals from the renewable energy sector on a daily basis. This keeps me engaged and up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

The exceptional team camaraderie at BWP fosters motivation and support. Fun incentives run at BWP contribute to a positive work environment, healthy competition, and a sense of achievement. This combination of a supportive team and enjoyable incentives makes working at BWP a fulfilling experience.


What is the market outlook and what are the current trends within the renewable energy sector, specifically in the Middle East region?

The market outlook for the renewable energy sector in the Middle East, particularly in KSA and UAE, is experiencing a massive boom. Both countries are witnessing significant growth in their renewable energy and infrastructure sectors. There is a strong trend towards adopting the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, where governments are looking to build their infrastructure, project finance, and development teams. This shift is driven by new mandates within the governments, which align with their 2030 goals. As a result, numerous projects are being issued and developed in line with their sustainability and renewable energy objectives. The focus on these ambitious goals is driving substantial investments and opportunities in the renewable energy sector across the region.


Which skill sets are currently in high demand within the renewables sector?

Within the renewables sector, skill sets that are currently in high demand include expertise in project finance, development, legal, and construction project management. These roles are essential for successfully executing renewable energy projects, from securing funding and navigating legal frameworks to managing construction and development processes. As the industry continues to grow, professionals with these skill sets are in high demand to drive the successful implementation of renewable energy initiatives.


Would you recommend that international renewables experts consider relocating to the Middle East & why?

The region is currently witnessing a tremendous boom in the renewable energy sector due to the mandates set by the governments to align with their 2030 goals. For candidates who want to be in the heart of this action and work on cutting-edge projects, the Middle East offers a unique opportunity. Many of the projects taking place in the region do not exist anywhere else in the world, providing international experts with first-hand experience and a chance to make a significant impact.

Apart from the exciting opportunities, the Middle East also offers attractive benefits for professionals considering relocation. High earnings and tax-free incomes are common in the region, making it financially rewarding. Additionally, the Middle East provides excellent schooling options and a comfortable lifestyle for expatriates. With all these advantages, it becomes an ideal destination for international renewables experts looking to advance their careers and contribute to the dynamic growth of the sector.


Aalim’s inspiring journey highlights the dynamic world of renewable energy recruitment. His passion for the industry and the freedom to choose roles that align with his expertise have driven his success at BWP. The booming renewable energy market in the Middle East offers exciting opportunities for international experts to be part of groundbreaking projects. Aalim’s role as a recruiter plays a crucial part in shaping the sector’s future by connecting skilled professionals with rewarding opportunities. His story serves as a testament to the importance of following one’s passion and embracing new challenges.