At Interview, Remember, Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future


When working in such exciting and innovative industries such as Real Estate & Property, Architecture, Construction and Energy, it is unlikely that your previous jobs will closely resemble any future role. Fast adapting markets in the UAE contribute especially to the ever changing skills and techniques required for a successful career.

Sure, you might have the same title, your job description might be similar, and you might anticipate that your previously acquired skills will come in handy, you will be surprised at just how different a future job could be.

If you want it to be different, that is.

It is easy to get trapped in the mentality that your past experience limits your future opportunities, but in actual fact you have far more transferrable skills than you realise. Just a cursory look at some similar professionals on LinkedIn is enough to show you how varied and sometimes even outlandish their route into your profession may have been. It only takes a modicum of trust and belief from the right person and an opportunity that you had never before considered can come your way.

When candidates come into our interview rooms at BWP, we like to get to know their goals and ambitions, when we come across candiadtes who are clearly destined for more than what they have achieved previously, we aim to challenge their thinking on what their next role might entail. This is where we earn our title as consultants (and good ones, at that).

For us, a consultant is someone who helps candidates to work out their place in the world – their previous experience is a good starting point for this discussion, but it is not the end goal. We see so many people progressing through their careers on so many different paths that we are always keen to share our views on how a step-change in their career might be accomplished. For those candidates who are prepared to think differently and present themselves as more than the sum of their experience, this can be completely transformative.

This is an ideal mentality to take into an interview. Read more about how to make the most out of your time in an interview with our recruiters here. Recruiter Interview

When you are focusing on the future with a potential employer rather than dwelling on your past, they will see someone who is actively thinking about how they can make a specific difference to them. They understand that the future job will not be a carbon copy of your past roles and it is far easier to sell yourself when you are doing so within the context of the job in question rather than boring people with irrelevant details of previous roles.

Linking the (concrete and real) past to the promise of future potential is far from easy, but it is exactly this that separates the very best candidates from the rest. Your career story should be both rooted in the past but striving for a brighter future.

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