How to Make the Most of Working with a BWP Recruiter?

How to Make the Most of Working with a BWP Recruiter?

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A good recruiter is far more than a gatekeeper, resumé pusher or employer minion; they are equally interested in working with candidates. This may surprise some candidates, since they are not the ones who are paying the recruiter for their work, but let us explain….

A successful recruiter is indeed interested in cultivating long-term relationships with clients who pay them decent money in order to source outstanding talent to drive their business forward. However, the relationship will only prosper in the long-term if the candidates presented are retained for a reasonable amount of time. Recruiters have to have a deep appreciation of “fit” before they can suggest a candidate goes to interview, otherwise, they risk an imperfect person being hired.

Recruiters therefore need to get to know their candidates as well as possible; this is the goal strived for by all BWP consultants, enabling us to provide the best possible service to both our clients and candidates.

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When candidates are open, frank and honest in what they discuss, it allows our recruiters to become an extension of the hiring company while maintaining a genuinely wider interest in getting to know a candidate for other potential roles simultaneously. The more candid you are with our recruiters at BWP, the better the relationship. This is especially important with regard to the recruitment process within some of our specialist sectors at BWP such as architecture and construction, because the life-span of many job roles is much shorter than that of a typical role. Click here for more info on our specialist sectors

The way for a candidate to make the most of their time with a recruiter is to allow the recruiter into their world, sharing their dreams and concerns, and having a discussion (rather than a dictation) of how their future might pan out. If you go into an interview with a recruiter to tell them “this is how I see myself and my future” you are missing out on a whole lot of knowledge and expertise that they might be able to share. A humble attitude of “what do you think?” would serve candidates far better, but sadly so few of them are confident enough to ask a recruiter’s opinion. Maybe they are scared that they might have to act on what they hear, but any feedback is valuable in a job search, and especially feedback from someone who has done it hundreds of times before.

At BWP, our recruiters often can become trusted friends of candidates with the right attitude and approach.

With BWP specialising in recruitment for the Property, Architecture, Construction and Energy industries of the UAE, we have built strong relationships with many of the top employers in these sectors. Candidates hoping to excel should know that close relationships with recruiters over the course of their career is a great way to remain plugged in to opportunities that arise. Often, you don’t have to be actively looking for a job to be contacted by your BWP recruiter about opportunities. They won’t be offended if you say “no, thanks” as we understand that it is always a matter of timing, but isn’t it nice to know that you are on their mind?

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