Dubai’s 2040 vision and the road (rail) to a more sustainable and thriving future


As recruiters, we often engage in conversations with candidates curious about life in the UAE. Drawing parallels between the busy working life and social scenes of London and Dubai, Josh explores an exciting development that brings a touch of London’s underground charm to the metropolis of Dubai.

Continue reading below to see what Josh has to say about Dubai’s transformative vision outlined in the 2040 urban master plan and sustainable development.


Josh: Whenever I speak to candidates from the UK, in particular, looking to relocate to the UAE, I’m always asked “What is it like to live there?”, to which I respond “It’s very similar to home, but hot, sunny and everyone is happy”. 

Home for me is London, and just like London, Dubai has a thriving social scene with some of the best restaurants, bars, gyms and a massive fitness community. And to those like me who are true Londoners at heart, how can you not love getting around on the tube?! 

Well, there are more exciting projects on the horizon. Dubai is planning to extend its already impressive metro system into what can be considered its very own London Tube Map. I’m feeling nostalgic just looking at that multicoloured labyrinth of connection points and stations. 

Okay, this isn’t the official plan by any means, but the RTA has announced the plan for a new Blue line to connect up with the existing Red and Green, including 14 new stations of which 5 will be underground – and they are inviting expressions of interest for the design and build contracts.

This is just an illustration of what could be possible with Dubai’s 2040 development plan. An extended metro network will alleviate congestion and traffic, increase real estate opportunities and investments, create jobs, reduce carbon emissions and make Dubai an even better place to live. 

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