Find out what we’ve been up to this Ramadan


BWP this month have been focused on contributing to our local community during Ramadan. Our focus as a business during this special time has been to embrace the true spirit of Ramadan and contribute as much as possible to our local community. BWP are proudly supporting all our staff in any gesture, small or large.

Being the month of giving, staff have been donating to various charities, clothing donations made to various banks and financial contributions to Dubai Care and Dar Al Ber Society towards the initiatives to provide schooling equipment and to increase children’s access to quality primary education through integrated programs that eliminate the underlying obstacles that prevent children from going to school and learning.

Another fantastic initiative which we have all enjoyed taking part in this year has been the Ramadan Sharing Fridge (Ramadan Sharing Fridge Initiative). This particular campaign helps the less fortunate community by giving them access to free food and drink during the holy month of Ramadan. Sharing fridges are located all over Dubai to deposit food and drink that can be enjoyed by others. Just some of the items donated this year by staff at BWP include soft drinks, water, fresh fruit and vegetables, biscuits and much more.

As a business, BWP are exceptionally proud of all our staff and their efforts during this Holy Month. In all our endeavours during Ramadan and throughout the year we wish to support our community as best we can.

We would also like to wish you all a Happy Eid Mubarak!