Florence Nagy in conversation with Nick Kingston and Sam Jordan on International Men’s Day


BWP celebrate International Men’s Day Conversation

International Men’s Day is celebrated on 19th November globally. To celebrate this day, Florence Nagy – Managing Partner of BWP had a chat with the men of the company. Here is what Nick Kingston,Managing Director and Sam Jordan – Managing Partner  have to share on this Men’s day:

Florence: Which Men have been your biggest inspiration?

Sam: I am fortunate to have inspirational people in my circle, especially the men who are close to me, my family and friends. They have taught me to focus on my passions and have helped me to be happy with my achievements.

Nick: My father is the man that inspires me most. His work ethic, values and the example that he has shown throughout my life have helped me in both my personal and professional development. He is someone with a good judge of character and balances life with a great sense of content. Being a keen sportsman, I also draw inspiration from a number elite athletes and sporting figures who can control their emotions and perform under intense levels of pressure – most notably: Arsene Wenger, Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Florence: International Men’s day goes unnoticed mostly, what is your take on it?

Sam: The International Men’s day remained unnoticed previously, but since a few years,  I am very encouraged to see it become more prominent year on year with more initiatives around mental health and awareness helping to promote this.

Nick: In my opinion, it is vital to celebrate both genders of society, and such events help to open up the opportunity for men to express how they are feeling. Without these reminders, it easy for men to bottle up pressure and stresses that can be released through simple communication.

Florence: How has your journey with BWP been so far, and which is your proudest moment?

Sam: My journey with BWP has been a very smooth and fantastic one. To join the business as someone entirely new to recruitment and progress to a Managing Partner level within three years has been brilliant. It’s been a lot of hard work, and I have experienced all of the highs and lows that recruitment and the middle east has to offer. I am most proud of the transition to a trusted and valued member of the team that is recognised by my peers.

Nick: My journey with BWP has been a massive learning curve. Arriving in the Middle East as a fresh-faced senior consultant and progressing to the role of Managing Director, leading the business in its entirety. The journey has not been without its challenges and difficult times but also lots of success and proud moments along the way. My proudest moments have been seeing the achievements and progress of the team and the individuals around me. It was also great to be recognised at the annual Empresaria Group awards for the continued progress that we have made as a business over the past two years!

Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts on this International Men’s Day. Let us continue to inspire other menand rejoice with a hope that the message from our leading men will inspire many young aspirants.