From Real Estate to Recruitment: Jenny’s journey in the dynamic world of Real Estate

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Join us as we delve into Jenny’s captivating story following her passion for real estate and her successful transition into the world of recruitment. Discover the key similarities between the two industries, the challenges faced, and the skills in demand. Stay ahead of the game with insights into the current market outlook and trends in the Middle East real estate sector.

Get inspired by Jenny’s journey and the importance of following your passions.

Tell us about your passion for real estate and career experience in the sector? 

Jenny: Growing up in the rapidly developing metropolis of Shanghai, I was constantly surrounded by construction sites. My father worked in the construction industry, which further fueled my fascination with real estate. 

When I relocated to the UK 20 years ago, my interest in the field only grew stronger as I was now surrounded by stunning architecture and designs.

I decided to pursue my passion and make it my career, and thus, I embarked on a journey in real estate.

What are the similarities you have experienced between working in Real Estate & Recruitment?

Jenny: In both real estate and recruitment, comprehending the needs of the client is the key to success. People have different motivations behind making a change, whether it be a career move or a new home. 

Effective communication involves listening to their needs and acting as a liaison to find the ideal match.

Does your background in Real Estate help when recruiting in the sector?

Jenny: Definitely. Prior to transitioning from real estate to recruitment, I had acquired extensive knowledge, experience, and familiarity with industry terminology, all of which helped drive my success in recruitment.

Just like in real estate, recruitment is centered around interacting with individuals and forming connections.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced since moving into recruitment?

Jenny: The biggest obstacle is accepting that you can’t help everyone. Despite a candidate being highly likeable, they may not be suitable for the position, and I cannot refer them to a client if I don’t believe they will fit the role well.

What skillsets are currently in demand within Real Estate?

Jenny: Organisations are seeking individuals who are experts in their respective fields, rather than those who have a broad range of skills but lack depth in any particular area. The preference is for specialists who have honed their expertise and have a strong understanding of their industry.

How is the market outlook and what are the current trends within the Middle East Real Estate sector?

Jenny: The real estate market in the Middle East has been dynamic, to say the least. 

There is increasing investment in sustainable and green building initiatives. This has been driven by a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability and the government’s support for such projects. 

Additionally, the tourism sector has seen growth in the development of hotels and resorts, particularly in countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as they look to establish themselves as leading tourist destinations.

From real estate to recruitment, Jenny’s journey showcases the benefits of staying true to one’s passions and adapting to new challenges.