Technical Design Director

Technical Design Director

Our client is a European headquartered engineering consultancy who partner with some of the largest industries and government bodies to build large scale projects. They have over half a century of experience and have developed a very well deserved reputation for ensuring quality on projects they undertake. A diverse and in depth technical capability helps them work on heavy engineering projects in the most challenging terrains on projects in about 45 countries worldwide with a focus on public utility and government funded projects.

They are currently looking for a Technical Director to join their team in Saudi Arabia in the national capital region. The position would involve being responsible for the technical design, specifications, installations and performance for all parts of an Intelligent Transport System(ITS) project. The key task is to evaluate the performance of the AVM/RTPI, AFC and JP including equipment. Also responsible for the delivery of the project on time and to budget.


Ensure that the solutions as designed by the suppliers are fit for purpose and that any deficiencies in the supplier’s obligations in this regard are flagged to the persons responsible.

Ensure as far as possible that the overall business requirements of the client are met by the integrated system by working in collaboration with other project work streams.

Review and assess requirement changes, and ensure that any related design changes maintain the overall fitness for purpose of the system.

Provide detailed assessments of supplier’s solutions with regards to the requirement of a world class solution.


Approximately the equivalent of USD 17500 to USD 19500 in local currency as an all inclusive cash salary every month.