Working for an Architecture Firm in Dubai


In a city renowned for its luxury, unmistakable style and astounding skyscrapers, working in Dubai is a dream come true for many budding architects. Here, BWP explore the keys to success and the guides to follow to make your Dubai opportunities count.

Dubai architecture is the result of many collaborations, combing the skills and ideas of unique individuals to produce forward-thinking buildings and structures. While your creative skills are imperative to projects in Dubai, your ability to work alongside other professionals as a growing team is vital. Most architectural firms in the area will subscribe to the teamwork culture and make a real effort to ensure this environment is represented in their projects.

The ability to create and design buildings that speak to the needs of the locals and tourists alike is critical, while codes and regulations must always be met. The architects of Dubai acknowledge how privileged they are in shaping the world-famous skyline and forming the new urban districts across the city. Firms in Dubai are looking for those people that can spot potential and envision cutting edge structures that develop the city for the future while maintaining the integrity of its heritage.

Comfortably working alongside other architects, interior designers, lighting specialists and engineers may take some getting used to in the beginning. Still, it will give you an incredible insight into all aspects of the creative process and provides invaluable knowledge that you can take with you to future projects. Dubai’s most famous buildings like the Burj Khalifa and The Opus were all products of a symbiotic effort from all the designers and professionals involved.

Utilise your eye for potential, your creative power and your collaborative skills to ensure success in Dubai, the rewards are phenomenal, and you can leave a lasting impact on one of the most famous skylines in the world.

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